Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yes, your eyes are perfectly normal. This is World Of Warcraft:Mists Of Pandaria beta, the only exception is that is free. 
  Me and a couple of my friends from CrackMasters have been struggling since MOP was launched to create a private server, because, you know, everything that is free is better. So, after many days we succeded to crack it (Blizzard changed the main client now, so ,we had to make a crack for it).

As you can see the client looks the same as the original one, the only exception is that this one gets your game for free. :)   
  After we cracked the client we had to get a good server. Thankfully, our dedicated team found a pretty good one. Now, we created the first private server in the world hosting  World of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Beta, where you can play for free. 


-download the main client from the bottom of the page
-extract the .rar document
-click MOPclient.exe
-install it
-wait for the client to download the game
-open the Registration document
-follow the instructions on how to register
-PLAY !!!

This has been downloaded 22310 times.